Nov 5, 2011

Assisting Earthly Friends and Loved Ones

You can directly assist earthbound souls to find release and renewal - below is one example among many invocations.

I request Angels and my Risen Helpers to now attend this gathering.

I welcome you

I request full protection for myself,  I request to be bathed fully in the white light of heavenly protection, and ask that that no attachments or overshadowing occurs at this gathering.

Please infuse and permeate my being with that pure white light of unconditional love.


I confirm that there are transitioning friends also present here who, by their own admission, seek to move beyond this earthly plane into the more vibrant heavenly realms of new beginnings


I welcome all my transitioning friends.

By attending this gathering, you confirm your willingness to move forward and to progress further with your lives, beyond the entrapments, bindings and limitations of your earthly life.

No-one will judge nor condemn you, regardless of what you may believe, and in spite of any wrong doings perpetrated against others in the past.

Your self judgement may be holding you back. 

You must accept yourself without any condemnation in order to free yourself from the binds of your physicality.

As you loosen and let go of the the strangle-hold of self concern, you experience a distancing freedom from the heaviness of the binding chains of your previous human condition that may have kept you grounded in this earthly sphere ”

Now become aware of other supportive and healing presences around you and allow these Angels and Helpers to apply balm to your earthly scars and wounds so that you may be healed.

 Allow them to support you as you become aware of the transformation of all negativities such as guilt, fear, blame, and self degradation

Openly share your pain, sorrows, hurts, misgivings, disappointments, emotional entrapments, and any unfinished business and physical limitations with the attending and supportive Angels and Helpers.

Their unconditional love will allow you to let go of all your preoccupation with the physical  senaste world that has created so much heaviness of heart and has stalled your progression.

You are now free to move into the glorious enveloping Loving Light of Ultimate Love, buoyant and unencumbered, in eager anticipation of the new life awaiting you.“

You are aware of the wonderful freeing and liberating power of this unconditional love and fully conscious that all restrictive physical and emotional roadblocks to your fuller risen life have now been removed, allowing you to move freely into your new risen state of being


I ask all gathered Angels, transitional helpers, and risen loved ones, to gently direct you into the awaiting arms of your new Risen life, that beautiful cleansing compassionate Light of new beginnings and renewed hope.

Confidently enter that wonderful bathing Light now, with all earthly bindings and ties released forever .....

Go into the Light surrounded and supported by the loving affirmation of all those Risen, who both send you , and receive you.


Angels and Helpers in attendance, before you take your leave from this place this night, please remove all negative residual energy left behind from this transitioning process"

Cleanse and permeate the fullness of my being with the white light of purity and the pure radiance of unconditional love.

Thank you for your assistance

Until we gather again

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