Nov 5, 2011

Mindsets and Transition

Current research indicates that, when our physical body no longer supports conscious awareness in this physical world, some aspects of our personality will continue in a different state of reality.

The term ‘survival of consciousness’ is more appropriate.

These aspects of personality that precondition our transition can be addressed by asking three questions:

1) What is dominant in our lives - our ego (simulated ) self or unquestioning Authentic Self ?

2) What is the defining belief structure that shapes our lives?

3) What emotional attachments do I have that I feel I cannot let go?

By honestly answering these questions, we can begin to discover that it is our thoughts and attachments that will shape our immediate transitional experience.

Transition is also euphemistically referred to as "dying and going to heaven," but words like ‘heaven’, etc. are laden with imagery and emotionally-charged, and also conjuring up images of an opposite ‘hell’ state.

We currently live in a physical condition where Authentic or Fundamental Self is challenged by creaturely human (ego) for supremacy and control.This living tension creates ongoing dialectical conflict between our fundamental (spiritual) and our adopted (physical) nature.

The new world that awaits us upon transition is conditioned by the ego/Self interaction and our personal dominating factors at the time of transition.

In other words, our pre-transitional mindsets are paramount in shaping our transitional process, affecting us for better or for worse, depending on the imagery (beliefs and emotions) that is foremost in our mind when we physically leave this earthly state.

One’s emotional and belief state prior to the moment of our transition will directly affect the integrity of that transitional moment.

What do we need to do?

Simply remain open-minded, non-judgmental , and fully accepting of a new conscious state where all is unconditional love, laden with positive experiences and cosmic celebration.


Assisting Earthly Friends and Loved Ones

You can directly assist earthbound souls to find release and renewal - below is one example among many invocations.

I request Angels and my Risen Helpers to now attend this gathering.

I welcome you

I request full protection for myself,  I request to be bathed fully in the white light of heavenly protection, and ask that that no attachments or overshadowing occurs at this gathering.

Please infuse and permeate my being with that pure white light of unconditional love.


I confirm that there are transitioning friends also present here who, by their own admission, seek to move beyond this earthly plane into the more vibrant heavenly realms of new beginnings


I welcome all my transitioning friends.

By attending this gathering, you confirm your willingness to move forward and to progress further with your lives, beyond the entrapments, bindings and limitations of your earthly life.

No-one will judge nor condemn you, regardless of what you may believe, and in spite of any wrong doings perpetrated against others in the past.

Your self judgement may be holding you back. 

You must accept yourself without any condemnation in order to free yourself from the binds of your physicality.

As you loosen and let go of the the strangle-hold of self concern, you experience a distancing freedom from the heaviness of the binding chains of your previous human condition that may have kept you grounded in this earthly sphere ”

Now become aware of other supportive and healing presences around you and allow these Angels and Helpers to apply balm to your earthly scars and wounds so that you may be healed.

 Allow them to support you as you become aware of the transformation of all negativities such as guilt, fear, blame, and self degradation

Openly share your pain, sorrows, hurts, misgivings, disappointments, emotional entrapments, and any unfinished business and physical limitations with the attending and supportive Angels and Helpers.

Their unconditional love will allow you to let go of all your preoccupation with the physical  senaste world that has created so much heaviness of heart and has stalled your progression.

You are now free to move into the glorious enveloping Loving Light of Ultimate Love, buoyant and unencumbered, in eager anticipation of the new life awaiting you.“

You are aware of the wonderful freeing and liberating power of this unconditional love and fully conscious that all restrictive physical and emotional roadblocks to your fuller risen life have now been removed, allowing you to move freely into your new risen state of being


I ask all gathered Angels, transitional helpers, and risen loved ones, to gently direct you into the awaiting arms of your new Risen life, that beautiful cleansing compassionate Light of new beginnings and renewed hope.

Confidently enter that wonderful bathing Light now, with all earthly bindings and ties released forever .....

Go into the Light surrounded and supported by the loving affirmation of all those Risen, who both send you , and receive you.


Angels and Helpers in attendance, before you take your leave from this place this night, please remove all negative residual energy left behind from this transitioning process"

Cleanse and permeate the fullness of my being with the white light of purity and the pure radiance of unconditional love.

Thank you for your assistance

Until we gather again

Discarnate liberation requires love and integrity

Never judge, nor discriminate - choose to assist all spirit people.

Declare vocally your intentions of assistance and personalise your response, using terms like 'someone here' or 'unseen persons gathered' etc.

Explain to these spirit people that although their physical body has died, they are fully alive and conscious in a new non-physical way. This is no dream or illusion.

Explain that for some reason, they have decided not to move on with their lives, having neglected to go into the light.

Assist these spirit people to become aware that by remaining behind in this temporal realm, that they are choosing to 'live in the past' within an outmoded physical mindset.

Make these spirit people aware that any fears they have are 'left-overs' from their previous human condition. In their new state of being there is nothing to fear, and that loving beings are waiting to embrace and support them.

Affirm their inner goodness and affirm their worthiness of a much better life than they are currently experiencing.

Explain to those gathered that there is no such thing as hell or eternal damnation - that was a false view concocted by their creaturely ego mind when it was influenced by certain beliefs.

Explain that no condemnation or punishment awaits them - only lasting unconditional love.

Assist the spirit person to resolve any unfinished business that may be the cause of them remaining in an earthbound condition.

Explain that entering the light is a wonderful freeing experience and that it will bring them personal peace, eternal joy, and loving acceptance. Their 'real' heaven experience awaits them.

Make these spirit people aware that their loved ones are now waiting in the light to meet and greet them.

Gently encourage the discarnate people to move forward with their lives when they feel ready.

Remind our spirit friends that they can return and visit loved ones on earth once they have fully risen.

Remind our spirit friends that there will always be special ties and bonds with loved ones awaiting them in the light. This is such a powerful enticer.

Nov 4, 2011


A wonderful confirmation of life's continuance following the physical transition of our Cairn Terrier, Emma.

When she turned 12 years old, she developed inoperable cancer, and we needed to release her energy self from the bindings of her physical suffering.

We brought her body home from the vet and buried her with tears and dignity in our backyard, and felt the pain of having lost a dear and loving companion .  

A few months later, I felt a strong inner prompting to take a photograph of a 'vacant' back garden path.

Seemed such a strange request.

There was nothing visible at the time with the naked eye.

When I saw the photo, to my utter amazement, there sitting obediently at the end of the path, was our Emma, looking healthy, radiant and restored to her puppy state.

Seems the loving obedience of our much cherished pets extends way beyond this physical expression of life!

"If you bury her in this spot, she will come to you when you call - come to you over the grim, dim frontiers of death and down the well remembered paths and to your side again.

And though you call a dozen living dogs to heel they shall not growl at her or resent her coming, for she belongs there.

People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by her footfall, who hear no whimper; people who may never really have had a dog.

Smile at them, for you shall know something that is hidden from them and which is well worth knowing.

The one best place to bury a good dog is in the hearts of those who love her."

Adapted from “All Dogs Go To Heaven” by Ben Hur Lampman.



"Can I learn through joy rather than suffering?"

(The following is part of an on-going series of entries from the raw material that is being transmitted by the Risen Assembly, and discerned by August and Tim, and may be finding its way into their next book, Risen On Earth.)(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)

Suffering arises from the false sense of untrue duality, which yet remains ever a mystery to most of us embodied on this plane, and one few are able to solve. A most powerful question, it seems to me, is, "Can I learn through joy rather than suffering?" This also seems to compound the mystery, and to confound the thinking mind; perhaps this is necessary. The Risen do not think or use thoughts, which arise from an earthly, terrestrial ego-mind. What an incredible, awesome experience of interacting with, and observing others, without thought! And here appears a clue to the answer to the original question about suffering, which is that without thought, there is only joy. Joy is the sun which always shines. Thought blocks and distort the light of Truth, which is joy itself.

I, too, am becoming more and more convinced that these terms, "risen, rising" -- which appear to be rather new in referencing survival and the afterlife -- are finding increasing validation in many ways. I sometimes have worried that I was discerned those terms incorrectly, as the living information coming to me from Tim and others was vast, complex, deep, layered (infospheres). Only yesterday I was reading a rather hard book to find by the Christian New Thought mystic, Neville Goddard, called "Immortal Man." His language is often veiled in ways that are hard to understand - although I am fairly good with metaphysical language - and he says that he does not support reincarnation as the world teaches it...for scripture does not teach it. It does teach a second birth, which is resurrection. He elaborates that all people living on earth are "dreaming a dream" which for most, does not terminate when they die...they are instead restored to life in a world just like this terrestrial one (but is not actually it, but like it) - but eventually we will all "awaken as God", and this is what is meant by the son resurrecting. This all dovetails perfectly with what Tim brings forth in the chapter on reincarnation on our book. If we awaken - by correcting the imbalance brought about by a dominating ego-mind - we will continue on in this awakened state when the body dies - and this awakened transition is Rising.
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Nov 2, 2011

Spirit Liberation and EVP/ITC

I was introduced to the world of spirit through the unplanned ‘mediumship’ of electronic recording devices in the year 2000.

Electronic Voice Phenomena ( known more broadly by the term of Interdimensional Trans Communication) provided my first interaction with ‘unseen realms of discarnate consciousness’ and was the introductory precursor to my earthbound ‘liberation’ work.

I spent the first few years trying to make logical sense of this strange phenomenon, but rationality failed, and I have come to accept that this is one of many ways that unseen conscious intelligences initiate 'interactive pathways into our physical dimension.

For me, EVP is a special gift to be used in service for the betterment of others, and I do not consider it some type of 'scientific phenomenon' that needs tangible scientific proof.

The fact that communication has been initiated by ‘unseen realms’, should be accepted as a ‘universal invitation’ to participate iwithn the interrealm work of ‘transitional assistance and support.

Because one’s 'creaturely ego' ongoingly tries to control, influence and thwart our pivotal connectedness with our Eternal Self, the ‘physical-ethereal’ transition process from this “sensate focused life” can be ‘hijacked’ by a physical organic brain and its desperate longings for immortality

.Guilt, fear, grief, physical dependencies, and various psychoses and neuroses, provide much unnecessary sensate and emotional baggage that often keeps people firmly entrenched and grounded in this physical realm of existence.

Through orchestrated ‘meditative enlightenment processes’ we do begin to understand that our ego is primarily our creaturely-based ‘organic processor’, whereas Authentic Self is our deepest and most fundamental Self which integrates and interprets our temporal experiences from an eternal perspective.

I do actively communicate with earthbound spirits, and with the assistance and support of a team of ‘Healing Risen Interventionists’, fulfil an important role in bringing much needed ‘individual awareness’ and ‘peace of mind’ to ‘trapped’ and ‘disoriented’ physically transitioned people.

I serve as a human-based ‘facilitator’ within a greater vibrationary team of helpers that assists with an individual’s transition into the higher and finer vibrationary realms of life.

My role is important in bringing hope and reassurance to physically transitioned discarnate beings about the certainty of life continuance and also to assist an individual toward a place of deeper trust and eventual acceptance in life’s continuance beyond this physical realm.

I use EVP as a two-way communicative medium to initially discern the presence of discarnate beings, and I then attempt to communicate with them in a dignified, sensitive and compassionate way, by personally mirroring or reflecting their current status and situation.

The rest of my interventionist role involves using various psychotherapeutic tools and methodologies to assist in bringing a personal 'metanoia' or ‘new awareness’ to the transitioned person.

I welcome comments from similar others who are currently ‘dabbling’ in this new area of ‘psycho-ethereal’ release work and I am more than happy to offer various resources that I have found to be ‘dynamically’ useful in this essential work.

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Yours in Service


(Rev) Rob Smith B.Theol 1983