Dec 17, 2011

Transition Helpers

Anubis : the Egytian God of the Afterlife, Gatekeeper, and Ruler of the Underworld

What is a Transition Helper?

A Transition Helper is not so much a Healer, but a caring and sensitive individual whose physical attendance with a 'dying' person provides a visible presence and voice and who serves as a divine conduit within this physical world for our journey back to Source

 They are special people who are able to affect positive change and focus in those they serve by assisting a person's transition from this physical form to a non-physical form with greater ease, peace of mind, dignity, respect, and even joy.

They could be considered the first or primary point of contact for the transitioning person within a divinely orchestrated hierarchy of Helpers and Assistants in the world to come.

I can fully recommend the book, "The Art of Death Midwifery" by Joellyn St.Pierre, D.DIV. as an excellent primer in this field.

Dec 11, 2011

One word that says it all ... SURVIVAL

I sent the sound file to Daniele GullĂ  in Italy and Alexander MacRae in Scotland.

Both have considerable background in EVP and sound analysis.

Daniele took a look and concluded that the sound track was reasonable for an EVP.

Alec made the following comment :

 "The sound is remarkably clean. Looking at it as a waveform with a vowel sound what you get are the glottal pulses at around 100 a second which "strike" the vocal cavities making them "ring" - but because one is dealing with a biological mechanism - the muscles and tissue of the body - random errors creep in causing the resonances to be a bit fuzzy and even the rate of the glottal pulses is slightly erratic.What you get is a spread of the frequency components resulting from this process. But with this sample - and with some I have which sound quite similar - the "ringing" is very pure, not fuzzy, and it is highly synchronized with the glottal pulses - it is not slopping around a bit as you would expect with a biological mechanism." 

Alec MacRae

In other words, "the sound track is cleaner than a normal voice if it has been formed out of the available sound, rather than via a biological system."    

Tom Butler of the former American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena